The closing scenes of each episode of True Detective, season 1.

# it’s a movie about five people in detention and the scenerio never changes   # but it’s fucking brilliant   # a good script is what makes a good movie   # not millions of dollars on special effects  

We must find Prince Oberyn before he kills somebody… or several somebodies.

The Man - Aloe Blacc
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The Man - Aloe Blacc



Was anyone else a little bit disappointed that the kick ass Lady Counsel Member turned out to be Natasha? Still love Natasha, but for a few glorious seconds, it was awesome to see an older woman come out of nowhere to kick ass. 

Oh hell yes.  For one glorious moment this movie was going to be the utter best thing ever made.  And then…. well it was still cool but such a disappointment we didn’t get unexpected kick ass over 40 woman. 

Did we ever even find out what happened to the counsel member?


just like when we were kids

(i should point out that this here isn’t when they’re kids despite the caption, but is definitely before when bucky was drafted.)

I want to go back to school! I want to get my degree and become, you know, something substantial. I can’t just do some mindless job! Ugh. I was forced to take a job selling shoes on Madison Avenue. Oh, so humiliating. Friends I’d had at dinner parties in our apartment came in and I waited on them.

I’m with you till the end of the line.