Ooh Child - The Five Stairsteps

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The Five Stairsteps: Ooh Child

the-parkster replied to your post: the german interview-woman also read m…

toofamous 4 us now

it was my destiny


have you accepted groot as your lord and savior?

the german interview-woman also read my tweet at the “gotg”-premiere and…. she actually said “CAPTAIN RUM out loud. omgggg im dying. every cinema in germany heard me

i’m famous now. 

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is … i have no words to describe. i’ve just seen it and need to see it again. it is awesome. it is awesome. wooow. i laughed so hard !!! 
it’s marvel’s best 3d film. it’s sowowowoihd poei ow 

aaaaah. it was so good. you won’t be disappointed!!!! HATERS WILL BE DISAPPOINTED.

if you have questions, just ask i will answer privately.

spoilers under the cut

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i had my theoretical physics exam today. i think i fucked it up i don’t know I DON’T KNOW what do i know??!?!? NOTHING!!!

Chris Pratt interrupts the interview to french braid intern’s hair x

Overture - Dario Marianelli
Anna Karenina
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Overture (from Anna Karenina)
by Dario Marianelli


Dario Marianelli is so magical.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (dir. by Wes Anderson, 2014)